Moisture in bulk solids


Made of stainless steel with a wear-resistant ceramic window, the mixer probe is suited to build in intensive mixers and special mixing units as well as for process technology. The patented TRIME transducer measures high frequency TDR impulses with 1 GHz and a solution of one picosecond (1×10-12) and determines with this moisture and conductivity.

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Process control


Special about the TRIME method is that it pentrates the material to measure of about 2dm3 completely. It not only captures data about the moisture close to the surface, like the reflective infrared-method does, but also determines the content of water of the not ground corn. Cumbersome and error-prone bypass constructions are omitted with TRIME systems. TRIME technology has a flexible design of the probe to be suitable for a variety of applications.

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Exact moisture measurement even in silo bulk solids with higher  mineral contents up to 12dS/m. SONO-SILO is your guarantee for quality where capacitive and microwave probes have their limits.

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