SONO-GS1: The moisture probe for heterogeneous bulk solids

Dependent on the model the moisture probe SONO-GS1 consists of an aluminium or a stainless steel housing with a PEEK window in each case. The integrated TRIME TDR transducer organizes a resolution of one picosecond and reliably determines moisture and conductivity.


With the relatively big probe dimensions and the above average measuring field SONO-GS1 is perfectly suited for heterogeneous bulk solids like woodchips, pellets, pasta products and similar materials.

The moisture probe is built in containers, material funnels or screw conveyors. Ideally the probe is used in screw conveyors as there the material density is relatively constant.


  • The big measuring field of five liters volume ensures a representative and precise measurement even of rough inhomogeneous materials
  • You save up to 15 different material calibration curves in the probe
  • The probe configuration for the different applications is self-explanatory and simple
  • Integrated in the probe are the signal processing and the evaluation with intelligent filter algorithms
  • Additional evaluation units are not needed
  • Thanks to radar technology and the disc-shaped radar scan the measurement is highly reliable