SONO-WZ: The water and cement analyzer for fresh concrete

The quality of fresh concrete is significant for the stability and lifetime of concrete buildings. Most important parameters are water content and the W/C-value to reach the requested quality. So far a sample had to be dried first and then be determined with protocols on the water content as well as the W/C-value. This process was as cumbersome as time consuming.

With SONO-WZ you define the water content of the fresh concrete fast on-site. You just put the spear tube into the material and receive reliable measuring results within 1-2 minutes.

Applications and benefits

  • Precise measurement of water content in fresh concrete
  • Display of water content per m3 with taking into account the manually recorded bulk density
  • Simple handling: The probe SONO-WZ is connected to the mobile hand-held meter SONO-DIS and is put directly in the fresh concrete to measure
  • After 4-5 single measurements an automatic averaging organizes the precise result within 1-2 minutes
  • Measurement of fresh concrete of the consistency F2 to F6 is possible
  • Measurement of up to 3 kg material with 4-5 single measurements
  • More reliability when controlling with the determination of the radar-based conductivity via TRIME technology
  • SONO-WZ is delivered with a universal calibration
  • Safe handling on the construction site by a robust and watertight structure of the hand-held meter SONO-DIS and the probe SONO-WZ
  • Enables an intelligent preprocessing and guarantees reliable measuring results
  • Flexible system: setting on special recipes are possible
  • Usage of TRIME® TDR technology based on radar
  • Dampening of radar impulses dependent on content of cement
  • Even changing particle sizes of sand and gravel do not cause problems