SONO-VARIO-LD: For moisture measurement of materials with middle and lower density

The measuring probe SONO-VARIO LD stands for low density. It is suited to determine moisture and conductivity of different materials with middle and lower density like grain types, Wood pellets, animal feed and much more.

SONO-VARIO LD consists of a stainless steel housing and has a ceramic window as well as the integrated TRIME TDR transducer for fast measurement. You build in the sensor in containers, wells, above conveyor belts or in silos. The standard version is equipped with a MIL plug.

In the FLANGE version the cable feeding occurs via a watertight PG gland. When you deal with loose materials with poor pourability like woodchips we recommend to build the probe in a screw conveyor as the material densifies there relatively constantly.


The cylindric surface probe is especially suitable for grains, pellets, sludge,  oil fruits, powder and similar materials:

  • Precision thanks to the representative measuring field and the disc-shaped radar scan
  • Interchangeable, robust probe head made of stainless steal and special ceramics
  • You may save up to 15 different material calibration curves in the probe
  • Output of the Standard deviation to regulate the air flow within the fluid bed dryer
  • Integrated signal processing and output with intelligent filter algorithms directly in the probe
  • No other evaluation units are needed