TRIME-PICO 32: sensor with integrated TDR electronics

With the help of the intelligent TRIME rod sensor PICO32 you measure with a maximum of accuracy. Unique is the integration of probe and TDR evaluation electronics in one sensor.

Applications and benefits of TRIME-PICO 32

  • Moisture measurement in soil, sand, concrete and other porous materials
  • The probe body with a diameter of 32 mm and the limited measuring field allow an installation in smaller lysimeters and other apparatus with limited space
  • High tech sensor with integrated TDR electronics and SDI-12 interface
  • Measuring range from 0..100 vol.%
  • Fully operational up to more than 12dS/m bulk soil conductivity
  • Measuring volume > 250ml
  • Robust (IP68) and for long-term installations suited
  • Measures water content, temperature, electrical conductivity and salinity
  • Sensor networks of up to 3 km
  • Precise measurement even under high temperatures and conductivities
  • Installation vertically or horizontally
  • Perfect for the mobile usage with PICO-BT or the hand-held meter HD2