SONO-MIX: Highest precision in measuring concrete moisture and material compositions

SONO-Mix increases safety in producing fresh concrete. The device measures precisely the moisture as well as the radar-based conductance up to 50dS/m. The value allows conclusions on other parameters of the material composition like the content of cement or the propagation measure of fresh concrete. You avoid recipe failures and you control quality reliably.

The housing of the mixer probe is produced of stainless steel, has a removable wear-resistant sensor head made of hardened steel and a massive carbide tip as well as a wear-resistant ceramic window of silicon nitride.


Applications and benefits of SONO-MIX

  • Extremely robust wear-resistant sensor head made of massive carbide tip and abrasion-resistant ceramic window
  • In case of abrasion at the probe head an automatic correction of the measuring value takes place – without recalibration
  • Is suitable to measure steel fiber concrete
  • Precise dosage of water is possible thanks to the high accuracy of the moisture measurement
  • TRIME technology guarantees high reliability even with steam or changing particle sizes like sand and gravel
  • Intelligent preprocessing of measuring values with floating averaging, adjustable filter and up to 15 calibration curves directly in the probe
  • Saves a complex evaluation electronic unit
  • Two variably adjustable analog outputs 4…20mA allow a trouble-free connection to every control system
  • The RS485 Interface enables an interconnected operation of the probe, a data bus protocol to connect several SONO probes is already integrated
  • Via optional, external modules the probe may be connected to industry busses like Profibus, Ethernet and others


Installation options

The SONO-MIX mixer probe can be installed in the following mixers:

  • Planetary mixer
  • Intensive mixer
  • One- and double-shaft mixer
  • Ribbon blenders